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Web Design

Your website is your business’s most important asset in our modern world. It is your companies first impression to potential consumers. It is also a controlled space that contains only your information and presented in the way that you desire. Your website design represents the professionalism and creativity of your organization.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving your website search engine results by utilizing on-page optimizations, evaluating multiple metrics and keyword choices. We provide ranking reports, keyword reports, google business audits, and much more! The best part is that we only use white-hat SEO techniques.

Social Media Marketing

The best product or service in the world is useless if it is unknown. Blade Marketing & Design provides social media tactics and strategies to help you reach your target consumers, in turn helping your company grow. We provide Social Media Campaign Management and Social Media Management Services.

Why Choose Us

Professional Work

At Blade Marketing & Design, we offer a variety of professional web design services to help you build your online presence and get noticed.

Utilizing the latest in development standards, security, and hosting, your data will always be safe. Your goals are important to us, and we will work with you to create the perfect website for your every need.
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Great Ideas

At Blade Marketing & Design we will design your website from a user standpoint. Our websites are creative, visually appealing, mobile friendly and responsive.

We want your users to find the information or products they are searching for with ease; whether they are using a computer or a mobile device. Did you know that the average user will decide within two seconds whether or not they will stay or leave your website?
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Fast Delivery

Customization and customer input are considerable factors in the speed of your project. Our team of marketers and designers are dedicated to providing you with the best product in the shortest amount of time along with exceptional customer service.

Our customers never have to choose one or the other. We are a full-agency team and we work fast. We can design, develop and launch your new site in 1-3 weeks dependent on the complexity of the project.
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Organizations we have helped

Design Themes

First impressions are very important in our digital age. Your website is as important as your business card. Let our designers help you with this process. These are some of our most popular themes.

Wedding RSVP

Lawn Care / Florist

Cups & Cakes Bakery

Kids Pre-School


Every project is uniquely different, however, this is our general pricing guidelines. Our organizational values are centered around providing you with Quality, Customer Service, and Awareness.

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Email: blademrkdesign@gmail.com
Addresse: 2122 Coral Street,
Honolulu, Hi.
Phone: 760 586 8619